Audio Player 2.4.0 - supporting SONOS



Hi there,
I am happy to announce that as of todays 2.4.0, Audio Player has some interesting new Features.

SONOS Playback
Settings let you choose between classical streaming to the browser or SONOS playback.
After selecting one from the available players, Audio Player will act a s a remote and fill the SONOS’ queue.

Attention: Audio Player does not stream to SONOS via Airplay or whatever. It just tells your speaker where to find the titles.

There are a some important prerequisites to understand.

This is the first version with some topics still open (webstream urls; currenty playing indicator). I am happy to get your feedbacks

Dashboard Widget
A test-widget (non playing yet) for the upcoming cool new gridstack version of the Dashboard App

various fixes and enhancements like reworked user-settings-menu and upgraded getID3 library

If you like it, I am happy to get some drinks

Changelog / Full release history
Bug Reports and Feature Requests