Auto-Add LDAP accounts in Owncloud

I need to migrate Active Directory A to Active Directory B and I have problems with Owncloud.
While I can migrate all users, groups, etc, in AD, I also need to migrate Owncloud Users
Right now, I have connections to both directories via LDAP and people can login to whatever domain they are on.

Now, when I migrate from domain A to domain B, I have the problem that migrated users have to log in Owncloud to be visible. I can only migrate the Owncloud folders when the user is visible in Owncloud (obviously). I don’t have a user’s password, so I can’t log in to proceed.

Is it possible to tell Owncloud to add any users they find in LDAP that match a certain property?
Or is there a smoother way to migrate users?

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So it is not possible to give access to LDAP users, unless they have logged in at least once


i never worked with LDAP but maybe a sync of the users like described in the documentation provided by the ownCloud people could help?

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I’m currently facing challenges with migrating Active Directory A to Active Directory B, particularly in the context of Owncloud. While I’ve successfully migrated users, groups, and other AD components, I’m encountering issues with migrating Owncloud users.

As it stands, I have LDAP connections to both directories, allowing users to log in using their respective domains. However, during the migration from domain A to domain B, I’m running into a hurdle. Migrated users need to log in to Owncloud to become visible, and since I don’t have their passwords, I’m unable to proceed with the migration of Owncloud folders.

I’m exploring whether it’s possible to instruct Owncloud to automatically add users from LDAP who match a specific property, bypassing the need for individual logins. Alternatively, I’m open to any suggestions for a smoother user migration process.

Your insights and assistance on this matter would be highly appreciated.

Eleanora Isabella