Auto created OwnCloud CIFS Share based on a Microsoft AD group

Hey there OC community,

we trying to setup an OC X environment for our company. For exchanging large data with customers, distributors and external staff we setup CIFS shares which are assigned to the users by Microsoft Active Direcotry security groups.

This groups are generated by an automated powershell script process.

So now it would be great if I can remotely execute an command for configure the CIFS storage connection and the OC Group assignment in the same script as well.

May someone has an idea?

Thanks and best regards,

You can try to use the occ files_external:* commands (you can check the full list with occ list).
I haven’t play around with those commands, so I can’t give you an snipet, but you should be able to configure the connection from there. I’d recommend you to try it first in a clean environment because you’ll likely need several tries to achieve the final result.

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Hey, thanks a lot and sorry for the late response.
I haven’t had time to test this right now, but I will try this.

I think if that works properly it will be possible to do that with a simple chron job and a py script.

I’ll let you know if it works.

Thanks and best regards,