Auto Iddle Hard Drive when not in Use

Hello OC community ! :grin:

My english is far from perfect but I will try my best to explain my problem.

I've installed and configured an owncloud serveur at my home, using a Raspberry PI 3. Its working perfectly and I never had real problems with the interface so far. Really great stuff and software.

But, I'd like to be able for my External Hard Drive connected to my Raspberry Pi 3 to idle when nobody try to connect to the server. This, in order to extend the life of the Hard Drive, plus electricity consumption.

Maybe some easy config file modification allows this ?

Thanks for taking the time to read my message, have a great day.


This is a system setup problem outside of ownCloud. ownCloud has nothing to do with it, nor should do anything about this. The reason is that other services you might have running on your Raspberry PI will also be affected by this.

I'm not sure if it's possible to do what you want because there could be other processes running that might need to write in the disk but aren't triggered by an internet connection. In any case, there might be some configuration in the Raspberry PI to turn off (or something similar) the hard drive when there is no activity on it.