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I have a similar issue to the topic: Auto-Login via URL.

Is it at all possible to either disable the login screen or automatically authorize a user? I am creating a site that will be behind a Wordpress SSO. I know the Enterprise version has SSO, and there is the user_saml plugin. However, I have 0 ideas how to configure it, and haven't been able to figure it out yet from reading the documentation.

The information isn't sensitive, but we need it to be accessible to anyone who is logged into the WordPress site.

All of the WordPress 'file management' plugins or document galleries do not provide the functionality we want. But OwnCloud does. The issue is having users needing to sign in a second time. Currently, I modified the "Login.php" file and set it up to automatically provide the login credentials. However, I can't get it to submit. I strongly believe there is a more robust and elegant solution that I am not able to come up with.

I was wondering if there would be a way to create an OwnCloud app that could disable the login screen, or make users automatically login and create an admin-login.php page.

Hi @seancardwell,

the only possibility (presently) I see is to set up a LDAP/Kerberos or SAML infrastructure to enable SSO as you request.

Another (future) possibility will be a WordPress PlugIn which will substitute or enhance the WordPress mediathek by connecting ownCloud via WebDAV. So files can be synced via ownCloud logics and included to the frontend via WordPress. There is already work on this done, but not yet finished. Stay tuned!

regards Stefan

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