Auto-Reconnect Feature Needed


We have been using Owncloud for many years now and it still works much better than any other cloud system. However, there is a behavior that I did not think would last over the years: the missing auto-reconnect.

Whenever our server is not available - for maintenance or because of a broken system, all clients get disconnected but don’t connect automatically afterward. Over the years we have trained our employees to look for the green checkmark icon in the systray, but it would be a HUGE improvement if the client simply checks every X minutes if it can re-connect instead of staying offline silently.

Is there maybe a hidden config or trick to accomplish that? We can’t be the only ones dealing with this I guess?

6.0 will have some improvements for this. Check the changelog:

You can already test-drive it with the daily pre-release builds:

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Sounds good.
Looking forward to seeing an improvement!

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