Auto rescan if local folder is not available during startup

Dear all,

I use ownCloud on my Win10 desktop and the local sync folder is located on drive L:\owncloud.
The L: drive will be mounted after first logon as it is a VeraCrypt(ed) harddrive, so I have to enter the password in veracrypt first.

Unfortunately, ownlcoud desktop app starts rigt after login and L:\ will not yet be available.
So the app shows “folder L:\ not available” and stays with it.

When L: has been mounted in windows through veracrypt, I have to manually restart ownlocud so it detects the local L:\owncloud folder correctly. Everything works fine after that.

Expected behaviour

owncloud shall try to find the local folder in maybe 10sec. intervals and if the folder is available, it shall connect to it.

Actual behaviour

When local folder is not available during startup, the owncloud has to be restarted in order to re-scan for thew local folder. This is inconvenient in cases where the owncloud folder is manually mounted after reboot (ie. veracrypt or any other cases where the folder is mounted after starting owncloud app…network drives? USB?..etc.)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Setup a local owncloud folder on a temporary drivename
  2. dismount this folder
  3. start owncloud - owncloud will report “Local folder not available…”
  4. Mount the local folder
  5. owncloud will not recognize the mounted folder

Server configuration

Operating system: Win10

Web server: Apache

Database: mariaDB

PHP version: 7.3

ownCloud version: latest (10.xxxx)

Storage backend (external storage):

Client configuration

Client version: 2.9.1 build 5500

Operating system: Win10

OS language: german

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Hi schnudeldudel,

I don’t think it is the ownCloud client’s responsibility to dynamically add/watch mounts. You should either start the client manually or reconfigure the ownCloud service to have the VeraCrypt service as a dependency, see How to add dependency on a Windows Service AFTER the service is installed - Server Fault as an example.

Hi Cortho,

Thanks for the quick reply.
In general, I agree with your reasoning but on the other hand, I am somehow sure, the claimed re-scan behavior used to work in earlier versions of the app. But I am not 100% sure. All I know is that I use owncloud in exactly this setup since at least 5 years and I never noticed this behavior so far.


Hi again,

I see - unfortunately I’m not an ownCloud client expert, maybe @michaelstingl can tell more?

I confirm
Before an update this automn, Owncloud was automatically detecting when a missing folder was appearing/mounted
Now I need to quit and launch again Owncloud at every single boot, and that’s quite very annoying!

The bug is still there in the latest version 2.10.0

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