Automate the "ownCloud -> Free up local space" function under Windows 11

Expected behaviour

Automate the “ownCloud → Free up local space” function

Actual behaviour

we work with virtual files. The required data will be downloaded automatically. However, the downloaded data is not automatically uploaded again and changed to a virtual file. This happens only after selecting the menus in Explorer.

I’m looking for a way under Windows 11 that all Owncloud folders automatically change the data back into virtual files. Preferably automated by script or setting.

Server configuration

ownCloud version:10.12.2

Client configuration

Client version: ownCloud [279a6f] Qt Bibliotheken 5.15.8, OpenSSL 1.1.1t 7 Feb 2023
verwenden die Erweiterung für virtuelle Dateien: wincfapi windows-10.0.22621

Operating system: Windows 11

OS language: German

Installation path of client: normal

Check Storage Sense + attrib.exe in the docs.

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