Automatic logoff after period of inactivity

My question is how configure Onwcloud web frontend that it logs off a user after a certain time of inactivity.

Some of my users permanetly forget to logoff and this is a security issue.

Regards Thomas



these config option are nice but dont do the thing.
automatic logout is still not working,

Here are my settings:

‘remember_login_cookie_lifetime’ => 606024*1,
‘session_lifetime’ => 60 * 1 * 1,
‘session_keepalive’ => false,

With these settings user should be logged out after 1 min of inactivity.
But this is not the case.

The desktop client pings the server each 30 secs (aprox) to check for changes, so there is no inactivity for the desktop client.

I’m not sure if the desktop client has an option that could be used for this, but I think this is something the desktop client should provide somehow.



i’m not sure if @taich is talking about the Desktop / Sync Clients because i thin these are always logged in and will never logged out.

Maybe @taich could clarify this?

Hi, yes I mean desktop version. And yes I want to get logged out after a certain period of time of inactivity. Reason fpr that is that if I forget to logout other people have access to all my files.


ok i think this clarifies your use case. But unfortunately i don’t think that this is possible in the Desktop client so you probably have to log out manually each time :frowning_face:

It seems you’re misusing the desktop client.
The desktop client assumes you’re using your own computer account with your own user and password. Nobody should see your personal files unless you explicitly want.
If you’re using an account shared with multiple people, I don’t think the desktop client is prepared for this scenario.

Note that even if you logout, if the account is shared, people will still can access to the downloaded files, and could potentially override those, which would likely cause the desktop to upload the changes the next time it syncs


Hi, after reading this again, I think I did not put it right. What I meant is of course web client not desktop client.

I open a browser and login on my owncloud server. And I would want to be logged off after e.g 5 min of inactivity.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?