Automatic updates after moving OwnCloud to the new server

Hi, we have moved OwnCloud to a new server and now our automatic updater doesnt work. Is it normal and we need to update manually from now on? I am attaching a screenshot with system message. I am not a professional web admin, so I am a bit scared of core upgrade

If we need to update manually, if there a way to do it just via FTP? By replacing files, or not?

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Obviously proc_open function is missing or disabled on your hosting.

Manual upgrade (read before you proceed):

The common pitfall is uploading new files into the old instance directly - this is NOT recommended.

In short (but you’d better read the official instructions)

  • enable maintenance mode
  • extract new version in a separate dir
  • copy config, data and apps-external from your old version into new dir
  • rename the dir with old version into backup
  • rename the dir with new version to match the initial name of to the old version
  • visit it in your browser

thank you very much. This sound logical and relatively simple to proceed.


i think it is not directly related to your issue but still want to ask this:

Is ownCloud located at the same filesystem path on the new server?

If not additional problems could be originating from a changed path because ownCloud needs special modifications if the data directory was moved:

Thank you. As far as I know the path looks like the one you can see on the screenshot above. I hope this looks fine. I will try to do the manual update today.

best wishes

Hi, I am sorry for being so ignorant, but there is one more thing that bothers me. I have looked at the owncloud files via my FTP. I can see OwnCloud folder and also I have downloaded the new updated OwnCloud folder. If I replace them, would I loose my files? I cannot see the files stored on the OwnCloud in FTP folders… I’m obviously super ignorant user…

Please follow the documentation on how to upgrade manually, read this article completely and carefully before you start:

@vicdeo mentioned these here before as well already

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I can do it only via FTP, so I have followed the instruction above, extracted new version to the folder, copied my data, configuration and Apps-external from my old instance. But now I have this message saying that some apps still need to be updated. What to do?

Sorry, earlier I have uploaded a wrong screenshot. Looks like some apps cannot be updated.


i did the following search"Specified+key+was+too+long"&s=created&type=Issues and found the following issue reported to the ownCloud development team: