Autoupdate stuck during "Installing update..." on OSX

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Expected behaviour

Automatic update should finish the installation in a few minutes

Actual behaviour

The Autoupdate process was stuck at “Installing update…” for several days (yes, more than 48 hours) until I had to kill it

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have an old version
  2. Allow auto-update to install the update
  3. Update gets stuck at “Installing update…” and cannot be completed or aborted, and there is no information about how to solve it
  4. I’m not sure if the installation was actually completed or not - I seem to have version 2.7.2 after killing the autoupdate and starting the client

Client configuration

Client version: updating from 2.6.something to 2.7.2

Operating system: macOS Mojave 10.14.6

OS language: English

Qt version used by client package (Linux only, see also Settings dialog): 5.12.9

Installation path of client: /Applications/


I have no idea on where to find logs from Autoupdate (not the client)?

I have a similar problem too. MacbookPro 10.14.6 (18G6042) and Safari 14.0.1. Automatic updates freeze the Mac, spinning wheel, and only way out, is forced shutdown. Happened with last 2 OwnCloud updates. Just installed OwnCloud 2.7.3 (build 2877) now, happened also with installing ownCloud-2.7.1 (build 2560).

Contacted their support and informed them, but OC showed little interest…: “OwnCloud ( we ) do not support users of our free software version - ownCloud Community Edition.”

… I don’t need support, its only assistance to their product development.
Maybe some of you have other channels to reach the programmers. Else I give up. It will affect many academic users here in NL of Surfdrive (an OwnCloud clone) when they reach this update.

To get a proper new installation avoid the auto-update, I did: download the desktop app from the OC website and install the package.


this sounds to me more like a bug in the autoupdate of the sync client so i think this is better raised as an issue for the ownCloud people at

Thanks for reporting this issue. could give a hint what’s going on or ~/Library/Logs/SparkleUpdateLog.log. (Sparkle library is used for updates)

Does anyone has super-reliable steps to reproduce? Specific for macOS Mojave 10.14.6? (found

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Quite empty file ~/Library/Logs/SparkleUpdateLog.log:
2020-11-24 03:34:57 +0000: ===== Xerox PowerENGAGE =====

I have the same problem on both iMac and MacBook Pro. Both on Mojave 10.14.6


there seems to be the following comment in

10.14.6 Security Update 2020-007 (18G7016) seems to fix the issue. I did not hear back from DTS.

Hm, interesting. Here is the download link:
(Post Date: Dec 16, 2020, File Size: 1.7 GB)

@rboele @p-blomberg please try.

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I don’t seem to have this issue anymore and I assume that’s because I installed the OSX security update mentioned by @tom42 and @michaelstingl. Thanks!