Avoid a Conflict

I know that there are already a few old entries. Maybe there is something new in the meantime, maybe an update.
Is there any way that I can see if another user has already opened a page, so I avoid a conflict.
If two users work on one file at the same time and the file is saved, will only the file of the last one be saved, or will the changes be merged into a file by both users?


sounds like you need this:

Transactional File Locking

a few of the features:

  • Releases locks after file transactions are interrupted, for example when a sync client loses the connection during an upload
  • Manages locking and releasing locks correctly on shared files during changes from multiple users


okay, thank you. Can you send me instructions where I have to click to activate the lock? or a video?

have you visited the doc site?

yes, but i am not so good to make the instructions

What exactly do you not understand?

here are the instructions to activate the file locking.


File locking won't help in this scenario. File locking is there to keep file integrity: if several users save the same file at the same time, only one of them will be saved while the rest will get a "file locked" error. The same users can try to upload the exact same file later and the file can be properly saved. Obviously, the one saving last wins.
Without file locking, you can have a weird mix of content if several users save the same file at the same time.

What you probably need is collaborative editing. You have some apps in the marketplace providing this, such as collabora and OnlyOffice, although there might be difficult to setup as I think they require an additional server.