Backup and restore

Is it planned to implement a way to do proper backups and restore on ocis? While this app is generally available for use it’s a bit frightening that I don’t have a secure way of backing everything up.

Sure I take backups of the ocis folder but I can only pray that it actually works to restore in case of data loss

You could always test your backups.

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Yeah my point was more … will there be a better way to do backups and restore than there is now…

It’s not even a clear backup strategy in the docs


To my knowledge, the best options for backups of infinite scale are:

a) stop the instance while backing up the data
b) use a file system with snapshot capabilities like BTRFS or ZFS


While Btrfs and zfs are nice, it’s not something everyone use.

Maybe the developers can shed some light on whether there will be a more complete solution for backup and restore, is it in the pipeline?

Never mind, found a roadmap and it’s apparently planned for Q2 2024 :tada:

Can’t wait


If it does not stress you to stop the instance, you can either use snapshots, or just use tar or any other tool to backup the file tree of oCIS.

I have experience with restic for example.