Backup DC config question

I have a question about setting up a backup host. I think I understand this line from the docs but want to make sure as I have is a live server:

"The backup server must be a replica of the main server so that the object UUIDs match."

UUID is just the Samba/Linux word for objectGUID, right? And, this doesn't require that the backup host is a clone of the host, that is they share UUID, but rather that the objects are replicated and their UUID/objectGUID match.

EDIT: As per kljhlkhglklfgh.

Please split your two questions in two threads.

I would suggest to keep the backup question in here and create a new thread for the connection issue.

If doing so please make sure that you're filling out the issue template shown when creating a new thread. This template is asking you various mandatory infos (like used ownCloud version) which are currently missing but are needed to help here.

Got it. Will do.

Thanks for the reply.