Backup without rsync



Hi to all,
I'm using OC in a shared hosting environment. The hoster does not allow the use of the rsync command. When backing up OC, I always use an FTP-client. This meanwhile is dead slow and I wait for hours to there an alternative? I read about unison, but this is not allowed, too.....
Thanks, fl


With WinSCP you can sync a local and remote folder. Only changed files are transferred.


Is WinSCP different from Filezilla? That's what I use, and it is really slow to do this via FTP.


I don't use filezilla, so I don't know if you can sync folders and only transfer changed files. What do you mean by slow and and what speed is your internet connection?


If you can ssh to the server, you can use unison. You don't even need to install it on the server. Just put the executable in a folder and give it x-permission.
I've been using unison for most kinds of backups after I first discovered it. What it's not usable for is exchange, sql database (you need to do an incremental dump to a new file, then unison can backup that file), and outlook .pst/.ost files.

All you need is some kind of shell access (which is why windows is not suitable on server side, but works fine on client side.)