Bases of OwnCloud

Hi guys, my situation will probably be simple for you guys, but still.
In my college we started to learn OwnCloud, but the only problem is that we only learned how to activate it (and that by instruction, nothing was explained to us), but we were not taught how to use it:/
I’ve been puzzling over the assignment for a few hours now because I don’t understand how to use the service, can someone help?
The task sounds like this:
“Students should provide evidence that they have deployed the appropriate services and configured and managed the users of the system.
Screenshots of each step of the setup, including the creation of 5 users. Screenshots of creating shared documents that can be sent from OneDrive. Proof of creating an appointment in the calendar, this requires inviting the 5 users you created in OwnCloud, you may need to use outlook or Gmail calendar for this, OwnCloud does not have a calendar.”
I found apps with calendars inside the service, mail stuff, but I don’t know how the whole thing works:/
I don’t even know how the user should use the service and the applications inside it, whether the administrator should somehow create a mail on the service for the user to use it, or the user should create it himself. Maybe I just didn’t understand the task:/
Can someone enlighten my stupidity please?
I tried to follow the instructions and look for them, or crawl on the forum, but it didn’t help me:/

Have you considered asking your instructor for clarification and your classmates for help? No one here can do your homework for you.

You may want to spend more time reading the instructions.


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