Basic encryption



Good day. I'm new here and I hope you could help me. I've had Owncloud run with the app encryption. Unfortunately,
my mysql database was destroyed and I had to rebuild everything,
unfortunately I could not save the DB of Owncloud. I then saved from the data directory the files from my account. Owncloud new installed, new user with the same login and password created and then the files back copied back. Now I get however the hint that the password no longer matches and I do not come to the files. Do not even show me. Have then tried to change the password at Perönslich with Owncoud basic encryption, which does not work unfortunately. Except for a file would be the rest no matter, but this is important for me.

Thanks for your help




For the current encryption it seems that you need the database for an easy restore. However, most information are only to check the signature. I tried such a recovery but didn't really succeed:

Probably, this was only a small step missing. If you have some experience with PHP your changes are much better than mine.