Battle-tested migration path from OC10 to OCIS


Hi everybody, I was wondering if there is a sort of final and approved migration path from OC10 to OCIS. I have been waiting since OCIS GA for such a guide to emerge and an announcement that a big chunk of OC10 deployments can now just move to OCIS but apart from this I still couldn’t find anything: owncloud . dev/ocis/migration/
I also found the upgrades and migration section in the Owncloud docs but those just contain instructions on upgrading from certain OCIS releases to others.

Unfortunately this guide was last updated almost 2 years ago according to its commit history and it contains a lot of TODOs and personal mentions that don’t inspire confidence. Most importantly though it just lays out the general steps for a migration but doesn’t actually document any specific commands or tools to use (I am aware of the rclone migration path but that is user-by-user and only transfers files).

Given OC10 is in maintenance-only mode (and still waiting for PHP 8 support), I’d appreciate some more guidance on how to just get files, users and shares over. Will such a guide come or do we just need to accept that we need to build our OCIS setup from the ground up and become OCIS experts before even considering it a replacement?

Maybe Owncloud folks can chime in and elaborate a little on Owncloud’s market strategy here. To me it feels like Owncloud is aiming almost exclusively at the Enterprise market with OCIS. Meaning there are dedicated people who manage OCIS as their day job on the customer side with a direct line to Owncloud staff.
Is OCIS supposed to replace OC10 eventually in the sense that people like me who are hosting OC10 for themselves and friends can migrate over without knowing every in and out of OCIS beforehand or should we rather look at alternatives like Nextcloud?

I don’t mean to tell anybody they’re wrong here by the way. If Owncloud has decided that OCIS is a high complexity, big scale solution for Enterprises and just not meant for medium or small scale deployments that’s cool but we as users just need to know so we can make informed decisions.


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