Become a Speaker at ownCloud Conference 2019

From September 17 to 20, 2019 ownCloud Conference 2019 opens its doors in Nuremberg, Germany. This is the place to be for ownCloud administrators and developers and those who want to become them. It will have interactive workshops, talks on interesting use cases and discussions on the future of the platform.

To make this a great experience for everyone, we need your help!

Share Your Knowledge and Give a Talk

The event is all about you, the ownCloud community. Please feel free to talk about your favorite app, ownCloud installation, best practices or a proposal for future architecture. Your contributions make the event such an exciting experience.

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Available Track Formats

  • 10 minute Lightning Talks: This format is meant to highlight a new idea, show something cool or bring up a new topic for later discussion.
  • 45 minute Tech Talks: This format is designed to explain or investigate a topic which needs more depth in discussion. Some interactivity is appreciated.
  • Workshops with flexible length: These are hands-on exercises, ideal to share knowledge, to learn and to try things.

Presentations can address all different areas of ownCloud. However, we first and foremost welcome technical topics, as well as contributions about the social aspects of the project, community affairs or just free software in general.

Your Audience

The audience at ownCloud Conference typically ranges from hobby code enthusiasts to professional developers, designers and administrators. But attendees also include web activists, free software supporters, interested users, politicians and deciders.

Some Ideas for Your Talk

Here are some topics for which contributions would be particularly welcome.

  • ownCloud core technologies on server and clients, such as file access, sharing, syncing
  • Aspects of ownCloud as an application platform: best practices, APIs, fancy project ideas
  • Scaling, deployment and updating: How do you grow big with ownCloud?
  • Integrations: ownCloud as a good citizen in other environments, or vice versa
  • Community: How to build a community around ownCloud

Please note that this list is meant to be an inspiration for you. It does not limit the talks we accept in any way. Please feel free to submit all your cool ideas.

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:point_right: Learn more about the conference

Don’t Forget to Register

The conference is free to attend, but registering is required to help us for planning the event. So head over to our conference website and get your ticket now.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nuremberg!