Begginer issue with first run on iPhone

Just insatalled ownCloud on my RaspberryPi and on my iPhone.
Everything ok untill I first ran on iPhone. Can’t get past the name section, once I introduced the webdav adress. Any help?
Thanks in advance…

How does the URL look like? Did you include the remote.php/webdav parts?

It looked like this:
And I introduced this value, but in the name section, even if I put the same number, (the ip no.) or my user or the owncloud database name nothing.
So I installed a second app, the one, and for the moment everything ok.
Still I would like to be able to use the first one too, the one with the blue coloured icon. If possible, of course.
Thanks anyway for your help.

P.S: I followed this tutorial in order to install the owncloud on my Raspberry Pi 4, 1 GB:
If it helps…

In the first step, it asks you for the server URL. Please use . Because you didn’t setup SSL, you’ll see a warning, so you need to approve, you want to access the ownCloud unencrypted.

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