Beginner: Desktop and iOS clients don't connect

Hi dear community,

I'm new to ownCloud. Very new so to say and I really tried to find a solution for my ownCloud-problem in other forum posts but couldn't find what I'm looking for.

I just installed ownCloud on my webserver. The Web-Interface runs well, but unfortunately I can't connect with the macOS desktop app nor with the iOS smartphone app. The latter just doesn't with stating that username and password are not correct but I double checked everything. The App says the connection is okay but although I entered all user data correctly it won't give me a connection.

The desktop client states that the server doesn't allow access. Which I don't understand since the web interface works properly. I wonder if that might have to do with any chmod permissions but I can't find the error.

Can anyone help the poor greenhorn? :slight_smile:



what URL are you entering in your desktop client? It has to be the same URL with that you connect to the web UI.

You can press F12 while your desktop client open, and see the log output.