Beginner Question

Hello all!

Just installed 9.1 to test and installation went well, no issues; however, during the installation it asked to create a admin login, so (for test), I chose 'admin' with a password...

Installation went on without issues... After the install, I was presented with the login page, I chose the "admin" user and the password, yet I cannot login; I do not get a "failed" message, just the screen to re-enter my login.

I re-installed twice to to ensure everything went well.. Is there a part in the admin login I am missing?

Thank you!

Does your owncloud log produce any hints?

just this:

{"reqId":"GO5ekWP1q7+E0EO5YSj9","remoteAddr":"","app":"core","message":"Login failed: 'admin' (Remote IP: '')","level":2,"time":"2017-01-09T14:23:48+00:00","method":"POST","url":"\/owncloud\/index.php\/login?redirect_url=%252Fowncloud%252Findex.php%252Fapps%252Ffiles%252F","user":"--"}

states "failed", but I chose a simple password to test with and tried to log in...

can you check the mysql db and verify the username is as expected there and the password field contains a value? Perhaps you can attempt a password reset using OCC?

Thank you for the reply. I did have a value in mariaDB for admin, but went ahead and reset it again based on your link... that went well went no issues, but still cannot log in...

the only thing i can think of is to use occ to attempt to create a new admin user. or try creating a normal user and see if they can login. Confirm that owncloud is using the mysql db you believe it to be and keep trying. Also, if you title your post better, you might get more help from other, more experience users. "Beginner Question" doesn't give any info to the problem. Might try creating a new topic and posting as "Fresh install admin user fails to login". provide the steps you have taken, plus those we have done here, post your log entry and see if you get more help. Sorry i couldnt help more.