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I want to move from Dropbox to Owncloud, hosted remotely. My dropbox is currently about 150Gb.
I currently have a Namecheap subscription on shared hosting for my work website and email, but I’m pretty sure that this will not support an Owncloud installation (it’s specifically listed as not supported).

So I think I want to take out a new subscription with a hosting company that will support Owncloud and that I can also move my website and email to to save/share cost. I would prefer it to be UK based but that’s not vital.

Can anyone help with advice on a good hosting solution - good value?

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You might have a look at this:

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Thanks I was hoping to find out a bit more about other people’s experiences/recommendations, the list you have linked to is long - too many choices!

As I look through the various options I’m getting the sense that whichever I choose is going to be substantially more expensive than Dropbox is? I pay $99 per year for 1TB with Dropbox, and about $40 for my web hosting. Looks like the kind of hosting needed for owncloud is going to be substantially more than that and for less space.

I don’t think that you can compare an ownCloud- with a dropbox-hosting regarding the costs only. With ownCloud you get more features like Calendar Contacts etc.

BTW, in the beginning of my ownCloud-age, I had a hosting at OwnCube.

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