Best way to backup a virtual machine to Owncloud?

Hi guys, I have a VMware virtual machine in a form of a 30GB monolithic file which I occasionally run, do some minor things in it (like editing some small files, light browsing, etc.), and then suspend (i.e. pause). I then want my Owncloud desktop client to backup it up by uploading it to my server. My questions are:

  1. Is Owncloud desktop client smart enough to upload only those parts of that 30GB monolithic file that were actually changed instead of re-uploading it entirely from scratch?

  2. Is it a good idea to convert my 30GB monolithic VM file into a bunch of 2GB files? Would it allow Owncloud to back it up faster?

Thank you!

Feature was never successfully implemented, sorry.

Yes, then it will only sync those 2GB files that actually changed.


I learned it is called “delta sync”, right? What is it current status? Can’t find any recent information on it. Any chance it will be eventually implemented in one of the future releases of Owncloud? Or is it abandoned altogether? Thank you.