Blackberry 10 Remember (Tasks and Notes)?



I am running the current version of ownCloud server and Windows desktop client, and the current version of CalDav Synchronizer for Outlook. Everything works exactly as expected: files, calendar and tasks all sync smoothly.

I am also a long-time Blackberry user. I am running the current version of the client on my phone and that works exactly as expected for files. The calendar works exactly as expected.

There ends the happiness. I cannot find a way to sync ownCloud to Blackberry Remember, which is the Tasks and Notes app. I have searched online and cannot find an answer to this issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you



As there doesn't appear to be any solution to syncing Blackberry Tasks and Notes, I have dumped it. I forwarded all of my Blackberry tasks and notes to my desktop via email and wiped that app.

As it happens, on my desktop I use Microsoft OneNote extensively for my personal and work life. Thus, I simply synced my OneNote notebooks to OneDrive, I installed the OneNote Android app on my BB10, and BAM I have a solution. Oh joy! And now I have all of my OneNote notebooks on my BB10!

The only issue is that I would prefer to not sync anything with an outside party. Thus the reason for running my own ownCloud. Now I need some way to cut Microsoft out of the loop.



There is a nice list of apps and tools listed at the ownCloud wiki at [1]. In general its up to your mobile phone to use whats provided by ownCloud (e.g. Notes sync via WebDAV and Tasks sync via CalDAV).



Maybe you could sync ownCloud to Outlook and then sync it with your Blackberry. I found some article that might help