Blacklisted files


I use the latest version of Owncloud client.
I use this to connect to a cloud from infomaniak (Kdrive)
For a few days I have files that do not synchronize from the client to the cloud and they are marked as “Blacklisted”.
Kdrive support tells me it’s from the owncloud client app, but I can’t see anywhere how to allow and unblacklist it.
Can you help me please ?

Files gets blacklisted because of previous errors. You’ll find them on the “Activity” tab in the “Not Synced” tab. They are different from the “Ignored Files” (Using the Desktop App :: ownCloud Documentation)

Thank you for your answer.
So I need to be able to uncheck the problematic file type and sync them properly afterwards?


excluded files are .dwg or .ifc files and a folder.
None of this appears in the sync-exclude.lst file

How to do please?


Did you looked in the Activity tab → not synced tab as Michael Stingl wrote?
There you will see the not synced files and an error message.

Here an example:

There are checksum errors and you have to fix the checksum errors and then the files will be synced again.

Yes of course

The message is “blacklisted”