Blank page on local xampp - nothing to display ....(no login page , no any other contant)



i use window 7 ultimate and i try owncloud with xampp on local server but when i put project inside htdocs and run then no page is display ( i run on local ) .
what is reason of that ?? and what i try to resolve it..



windows is not supported as an operating system for ownCloud since oC 8.0.0:


Thanks RealRancor,

So which version is support in window 7..??


There is no maintained version with Windows support. You can install it in a virtual machine, that is the best you can do.


vertual machine required linux right ?? but i want to do with windows so any solution ??


There is no solution as windows is not supported and oC won't run on it. We don't need to discuss this further so closing here.