Bookmark app disappeared

bookmark app disappeared

The bookmark app for oc10 was obviously removed form marketplace, the repo on github no longer exists as well.

What happened here? Did I miss something? I would appreciate if one of the ‘officials’ could post some related info here.


Looks like the developer deleted the repo and unpublished the app on the marketplace.

Sad … but this is how things are going.

I have no deeper knowledge why the dev took that actions - besides the fact that he stopped using ownCloud.

I contacted him and he told me that he has no motivation to maintain the app any longer.
Also, the Microsoft takeover of Github made him move to gitlab. That’s why he removed all repos.
It’s very unfortunate and we hope we find someone who will maintain this app.

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Thanks to both of you, @DeepDiver1975 and @OC-Florian.

Maybe I’ll apply for this vacancy one day. :wink:

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Done. Bookmarks is back at the marketplace.