Bookmark fo OC 10 / Xmarks retirement / FF&Chrome sync

Hi there,

I've been using Xmarks for years now, and we just received announcement that it's going to be stopped next month.
Instead of complaining, I thought that it is the opportunity to switch to Owncloud/Bookmark : privacy and data ownership has always been of my concern (and the Xmarks Cloud had always been a pain to me, so...)

But I need a solution that works like Xmarks did:
1. add-on for FF/Chrome (optionally IE) that sync embedded bookmarks with a central repository
2. a central repository in my OwnCloud instance

I think I found the add-on (topic #1 above) : Floccus (
But it needs NextCloud + Bookmark version > 0.11
Sad for OwnCloud...

I found a potential solution within OwnCloud (topic #2 above) : Bookmark, kindly back-ported by Stefan Klemm aka @ganomi ( but in version 0.10.2

So: what are the options ?
* is Bookmark 0.11 back-ported to OwnCloud going to answer the need of working with Floccus add-on (key question !) ?
* if it does, is there anyone going to back-port Bookmark from NextCloud to OwnCloud (@ganomi or somebody else ?)
* is there any other solution to replace Xmarks fonctionality ?
* ... ?

Thanks for your feedback

It looks to me that the repository for the app published at is not but Maybe you can ask the maintainer of the app for a pull of the nextcloud changes?

My favorite here is another zombie app:

But of course, there would be a huge amount of work to be done, and as usual almost no chance the get real help and/or support from the developer. Why should he backport his current app to oC, if he's working at nextcloud now?

From what i understand there is some one from the ownCloud community already doing that :slight_smile:

@tom42 Interesting and good to know. Thanks!

Hi there,

Unfortunately, this is not really "doing that".
It allows to store bookmarks in your owncloud, via a bookmarklet.
But your browser bookmarks are not concerned.

I was more looking for something like Xmarks -under decommissioning- (or Eversync that I installed meanwhile) : you naturally use your bookmarks within your browser (FF or anything else), and the Cloud is simply used as a repository to sync all your browser instances bookmark DBs. An add-on in the browser being used to keep this local DB synced with your central repository...

I hope we will have a solution someday, that will take benefice of OC bookmarks, while allowing embedded usage of browser bookmarks DB.

To be honest, I didn't know Eversync at all.

But as an OwnClouder: This can never be an acceptable solution for the problem.

  • Server in US, I assume.
  • Free account is too limited, only 500 Private Bookmarks. OMG, are bookmarks public by default?
  • Pro account is far too expensive.

I'm not EverSync expert : I'm just starting using it.
Nevertheless, according to documentation, "private" notion is about setting a flag on bookmarks for them not to be visible to plugin API => only to be managed in the web interface... And I didn't see any quota on them (only on "archives")

Anyway, this is just another argument for using a real private Cloud : my own cloud on my OwnCloud instance... :slight_smile: But how ?

I came across another very interesting solution for the bookmark problem, named ymarks. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for ownCloud out of the box, as it has an own server component.

However, IMHO it's a reasonable starting point for an own solution.

I'm using OC 9.1.5, Bookmarks 0.10.2 and Floccus 2.0.6 and it works for me. Whats your problem?

As far as I understood, OC 10.x needs Bookmarks 0.11.x
And Bookmarks 0.11 exists for NextCloud, not for OwnCloud... :frowning:

You're right, this combination seems to work. But floccus is supporting nextcloud, how about the future with oCX and beyond?

@tom42: BTW, in the meantime, the new maintainer mover to nextcloud as well...