Bring the StayLoggedIn checkbox back

Hi! I've enabled external storage app. What's the reason for this app to hide that checkbox? I'd like to have it back, where to start digging?

See the following change for some background info:

There is always a reason why something like this is disabled. Its not there to just annoy the user for fun. :wink:

Sorry, can not link those two together: OwnCloud password and UNIX password they are completely different things. And obviously the application does not need OC password to access, let's say, Google Drive.

PS Thanks for the link, what do you think, is it safe to set rememberlogin back to True ?

Why do you think this is related to UNIX passwords?

You can configure the external storages to use the oC password to access external storages.

From my PoV every modification you're doing to the source code of oC on your own is unsafe.

Well.. There was just "...need password...", so I guessed the app may need local user pass to access some local directories. Because all other types of external sources have their own fields for username and pass...

Yeah, They say breathing is unsafe too.. causes death from free radicals)

But you can use the username and pass of oC to connect with them to external storages...

Ok, got it. Thank you for answering!

Have a nice day