Browse Folder Dialog when Adding Folder to sync only searches in root drive

When opening the add folder sync connection, the browser folder dialog only navigates within my root drive. As I’m using a shared drive for both my OS, I’d like to put my owndrive files to this drive. See screenshot:

Strange, This windows comes from your system, and should be able to navigate freely all across your drives. (same as with your file explorer)

What happens exactly?

  • You can not navigate to other drives?
  • You can navigate to other drives, but you can not select them or you get an error message?

@luggie what OS is shown in your screenshot? You’re using GNOME?

Yes that’s what puzzles me as well. When other programs call a file/folder browse dialog its works just normal.
With this weird one I can only navigate through the drive where my OS is installed and not any other drive like my data or shared drive. I don’t get any error messages. Under “Computer” only my OS drive is visible.

Ubuntu 18.04 with GNOME 3.28.2 (with Xorg 1.20.8 in case that helps)

I could “fix” it by hard copying the /mnt/…/ link into the search bar of the dialog…