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Hi Team.
I am using owncloud version 10.10 and its added to out domain. when we are doing external scan to my domain its showing vulnerability in SharePoint it seems to domain rating downgrade to “C”. from the browser all application are older versions , I think are related to UI . jQuery (2.1.4) , Underscore.js (1.9.2) , jQuery UI (1.10.0) , Underscore.js (1.9.2) ex… please give me suggestion how to update all this to latest versions


The short answer is that you can’t do it on your own, it’s from the ownCloud core AFAIK.
Do you have the scan report ? Could you give a link so the dev team could check it ?
Btw I already created an issue a while ago about this specific problem, feel free to bump it so it might get fixed soon.

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Please find the url below website scanner

Have a look at the issue on github I linked, I did the same years ago :wink:

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