Bug: iOS client 1.2.0 build 148

Does anyone else have an issue with the iOS client app since the last update? Two things, one which is certainly a bug to me, the other could potentially be argued as “works as intended” even if it changed since last build.

Issue 1: ownCloud passcode lock no longer works. In my app setting I have it setup to ask for a Passcode Lock and lock after 1 minute. No use of Face ID.
What I am seeing is that I am never asked since the last update for my passcode lock. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but no change. I see the behaviour on my iPhone and my iPad.

Issue 2: when opening ownCloud app, I am greated with the last photo I viewed rather than a view of the root directory structure.

Is there anyone else having these issues? I find it hard to believe I am alone but I have not seen any reports of such issues.

Thanks in advance.

I confirm issue 1 has to be a bug

If there is a bug you might want to open an issue on the github issue tracker

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Issue in the public issue tracker:


1.2.1 release with fix available in App Store:


I confirm fix work and also when you remove the code work as well