Building owncloud client on Windows 10


Expected behaviour

Build owncloud client on windows 10

Actual behaviour

Following the tutorial, when I try to build (step 7) the source code I get this error

System configuration

OS: Windows 10

ownCloud client version: branch master

Qt version: 5.12.0


You can also check the new approach:

Win build fails

Thanks Michael, but it seems there’s a problem in step 2

  1. First, setup Craft.
  2. Install the owncloud blueprints craft –add-blueprint-repository
  3. Tell craft to build ownCloud from git with craft –set version master owncloud-client, and install ownCloud: craft owncloud-client
  4. If you now want to get your changes in, switch to the owncloud clone: cd owncloud-client and apply your changes.
  5. Now you can run craft –make owncloud-client to build with your changes.

Whe I run it I get this message

Failed to find –add-blueprint-repository:
Craft was unable to find –add-blueprint-repository

I also tried to build the client with Qt Creator but I get the same error shown in the screenshot


Thank you very much for your feedback!

Maybe @dschmidt , the author of the blogpost can have a look the next few days…



maybe there is some sort of formatting issue on the blogpost. From my experiences most of such commands in the linux world looks like (note the double dash):



Indeed, that looks very wrong. I’ll let Emil know who actually did the blog post, I was only interviewed :wink:


I talked to the maintainer. Known wordpress issue apparently:


@salvatoreucchino does it work with --add-blueprint-repository?


fixed :slight_smile: the blogpost displays the double dashes again.


Thanks @lefherz but I have noticed another error when you run the command craft --set version master owncloud-client, it says Invalid option version. I’m trying to complete these steps to build owncloud.


@dschmidt what could be the reason?


This is the error I get when I try to install owncloud-client through the command craft owncloud-client without --set version master owncloud-client

What am I doing wrong?



Well try to don’t use the “–set version master owncloud-client” command and go straight to “craft owncloud-client”.


My error is a bit different, or maybe its not an error and I don’t know something.

I have opened an issue in github, but I was send here. My issue -

I crafted with kde craft, but can someone tell me what to do next? How to make installation file or launch the owncloud client?

I don’t know if am in the right spot after build but that’s what kind of error I get now:

Any ideas?


@dschmidt any idea? Recommendations how to debug? Log?


@timetofaceit I did it but I got the error during the building process. At least you completed this step. Can you tell me all your steps before the building process and your configuration? Thanks


@salvatoreucchino @timetofaceit Maybe check the new documentation pull request from @dschmidt about building the client with Craft:

We’d love to hear your feedback! Is there something that needs more detailed explanation?


Thank you @michaelstingl and @dschmidt. I’ll follow new doc and I’ll keep you updated.


I followed steps of new doc and…it worked perfectly! Thank you guys. Just one more question: if I want to make some changes and rebuild the client to see them, what do I have to do?


Fork the client repo on, then build from your repo. (keep submodules)