Caching of password under Windows

Dear all,

I am having a strange problem with the desktop client (it seems to be primarily with Windows). On a computer that has the desktop client installed (2.5.0, though I had this issue with 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 and have been upgrading in the hopes of resolving this issue), there is more than one user account.

For one account A, when he logs into Windows, he is not asked for the owncloud password.

For another account B, when he logs into Windows, he is asked for the owncloud password (i.e., a window pops up).

Of course, this is not a big problem…but since it’s the same computer but two different users, users talk to each other :slight_smile: and begin to wonder why the behavior is different. One difference that I know of (which they do not…) is that account A has a local owncloud account. Account B, though, has his password checked externally with an LDAP server.

Could that be the reason? Or perhaps there is some check box somewhere that I can enable to cache the password for user B?

Thank you in advance!


PS: The server is running owncloud 10.0.9 under Ubuntu.