Caldav and carddav could not be used with iOS App and LDAP user Backend




since i use ldap as backend authentication, login via iOS app, CalDAV or CardDAV not working, login with web UI and the same user everything ok.

i still nothing found about extended configuration options, appache access logs shows me an http 401 code, for an unauthorized request but nothing more

OS: CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511
OC Version 9.1.1
DB: Maria-DB 5.5.50
PHP: php-5.4.16-36

any ideas ?



just report a new bug to:


are we sure this is a bug, or rather a misconfiguration ?

also anyone else notice this behavior ?



unfortunately there are not really users with LDAP experience reading / answering in here so the best is to report that to the app developer. He can probably tell you if its a bug or not.



this Problem is already discussed at github

CalDAV / CardDAV URLs no longer working after upgrading to 9.0 #22988