Calendar 1.5.8-rc2 is ready for testing

Since yesterday RC2 of calendar 1.5.8 is ready for testing:

We reworked the repeat options on the event editor.

Repeating options

Custom rules


Here is the changelog:

1.5.8 - 2018-06-??


  • Updating fullcalendar to fix translation issues
  • Remove avatars from public calendars due to core change
  • Add support for event series to specify a end
  • Add support for recurrence rule BYDAY
  • Add support to delete individual events of an event series
  • Human friendly repeat options

Please provide feedback in here!


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Great work, thank you for that!

But now I see something, that is really annoying for me. The “today” marker is now invisible, it was a yellow rectangle before. So you don’t see “today” in month- nor in week-view.
OK, in week-view you still have the red time marker line, but the yellow marking has gone. I didn’t find a way to configure this.

Strange - I have the marker in month as well as week view …

Mind posting a screenshot with dev tools open and selecting the current day - like this:

Yes, today I can see it as well. But on Weekends it is invisible. Why changing the colors?

Maybe related to the grey coloring of Sat+Sun?

I guess this is related to the upgrade of the full calendar library …

We will have a look!


Yes, exactly. This is the problem.

CSS rule ordering issue I assume - related to this change

The background color of the weekend is OK, but the today-marker shouldn’t be in that pale color.

@alfredb please test rc3 -


Done. The coloring seems to be restored to the previous state. Very nice. Thanks!!

Currently I don’t know (didn’t check) how the yellow today marker looks like on weekend.

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