Calendar/Adressbook problems after Update from 7 to 8

Actual: OwnCloud 8.2.5
Clients: OSX 10.9.5, iOS, Thunderbird

First we updated from version 7 to 8 and then 9. After that we realized that the calendar and addressbook works unreliably. Reading the documentation we found, that calendar and addressbook are alpha state in Owncloud 9. So we got back to version 8. We did it by installing an old backup, and then we set up the database anew, and imported the calendar and addressbook data.

Now we experience that not all of the records are shown on the clients. They are visible on the web interface, but they are not visible on the client.

So, for example, there are 3 repeated events in the calendar. One is shown, the other two not. On Thunderbird, after calling "reset calendar cache", all events are shown for some time, but then disappear again. It is always the same event that is shown, and the same events, that are not shown.

On the Mac, there is no such button "reset", so we cannot try what we did with Thunderbird. But the Mac shows the same one event that Thunderbird shows. And the other two not. It ist no difference, so we think, there is some issue within the owncloud.

iOS is much less affected.

It is the same thing with the addressbook. Sometimes all cards are shown, sometimes not.

We also removed the accounts from the clients and created them anew, but without success.

Has someone an idea about that? We searched the internet, but to no result.


Calendar and contacts before 9.0 and unmaintained.
You will very unlikly find support.
Moving over to 9.0 or even 9.1 is the way to go.


I read in the documentation, that calendar and addressbook in 9.0 and 9.1 are "under heavy development", and they are not recommended for use other than tests. So I see from your reply, that the only way to get support is to take part in development (for which I lack the necessary knowledge in programming languages).




where did you get this info from? This is plainly wrong.
Page 45
There I read:
"The Contacts app is not enabled by default in ownCloud 9.1 and needs to be enabled separately. It is also not a supported core app. It is currently under heavy development, so documentation has moved to the documentation Wiki on Github."

The same text is in the user manual of 9.0.

"under heavy development" means to me, that there are still a lot of errors, and the user can face crashes and something, and the user can install it for test purposes, and can give error reports, but not more.

Plus: What we experienced with 9.1 was, that the contact details were not shown correctly ("private", "work" etc. was changed), and it was very slowly on the web interface, and it did not sync reliably.

So we put that together and concluded that users, who want to use contacts and calendar, have to use 8.2.


"Under heavy development" means that there are changes going on where it doesn't make sense to document stuff if they are subject to change. You misinterpreted this sentence.

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