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My calendar app is changing for T-1h every single meeting.
Anyone already have this problem ou know how to fix it?!

I’m not very familiar with the calendar app, which might be the reason why I don’t understand your problem, but I think you need to explain your problem in a little more detail. Perhaps you could share the steps you did, to get to which result and what the behavior is you expected.

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I will explain further, whenever I will schedule a new meeting on the calendar the system is delaying by 1 hour the start of the event.

For example, like the image I attached, the event is scheduled between 9am and 10am, but is displaying the start time at 8am when we look at the calendar.

Perhaps your PHP timezone is incorrect? Check the php.ini?

EDIT: Which version of the app do you have installed? Current is 1.6.3

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Version is right, 1.6.3.


I don’t know if this problem has anything to do with the fact that this year Brazil has extinguished daylight saving time.

Perhaps this change may be causing the problem but i dont have idea how to fix it.

I’m pretty sure this is it.
I just found this issue in the nextcloud/calendar github repo and I think ownCloud has the same issue, because I could find this version string in the code.

If you have time it would be awesome if you could create a github issue regarding this.

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Sure i will.

I’ve gone ahead and created the issue:

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I appreciate all the help and attention.

Thank you very much.