Calendar migration from OC 7 to 9

Hi all,

it is possible to migrate all users calendars from OC 7.0.4 to the latest version?
The procedure to migrate data/db is straightforward but there are not indication on how to migrate user's calendars


if you follow a correct upgrade path by doing:

7.0.4 -> latest 7.0.x -> latest 8.0.x -> latest 8.1.x -> latest 8.2.x -> latest 9.0.x -> latest 9.1.x (DON'T skip 9.0.x between)

the calendars and contacts are migrated automatically.

Thanks RealRancor.

Is there the possibility to do the upgrade via occ system?

occ is never doing any upgrades. It just runs the database upgrade routines after the actual code upgrade was done (which is something what is done manually or via the linux repositories).

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