Calendar-Share link checkbox inconvenience

I’m pretty new to ownCloud and encountered a behavior I’m not sure is intended like this.

If you share a calendar via link, a random ID is created under which a user can subscribe to that calendar in outlook or similar app. If you uncheck this checkbox by accident and recheck it, the subscription link is not longer valid and the subscriber has to subscribe to the new link.

This bespoke checkbox should trigger a menu or dialog that makes sure the click was intentional.

Is there an option for an static subscribe link you can’t change on accident?

Welcome to the forum, @mrjumpingjack.

I agree that the lack of a confirmation is dangerous in this place. But I’m afraid there is no way to recover the unshared link to the calendar. And I don’t expect this will be changed in the near future, so we should expect to live with is as it is, unfortunately.

Thanks for your answer.
Why don’t you think that the confirmation dialog feature could not be implemented in the near future. I’m not fully aware of the development circumstances but the git repository looks like people would actively work on the plug-in.

Last release was ~2 years ago, 138 open issues and finally the uncertainty of what will happen to those apps when OCIS goes live. I simply assume that nobody will have or take some time to add new feature to the app. Of course, I might be wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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