Calendar UI Timezone

Hi I’m loosing my mind over this, and I’m sorry if I have missed it somewhere in google searching or on this forum. I have a simple problem, all I want to do is change my calendar app timezone to CET. I cannot see where to do this :sob:

IIRC it uses the php settings for this, somewhere in php.ini.


i think the calendar app is using the timezone you have configured in your personal settings of ownCloud.

Hmm, I cannot find any timezone there, just the language setting.

Ahhh, yes. I think i mixed this with the language setting. But i think if you chose English (US) there the US timezone is used, if you’re choosing English (GB) CEST will be used and similar. At least for me this was the case.

@tom42 I tried to change the language to French to test if it would go to CET, but that was not the case.

@alfredb I’ll have a dig around the php.ini - but I feel like I tried this already… I’ll confirm…

Thanks for the replies!

Maybe of interest:

@alfredb super nice. Sadly it didn’t work but I might make a post over there to see if they can shine some light on my difficulty.

Ok this can be closed. Not an issue with owncloud nor the Calendar plugin. In the end it was an issue with Firefox and my privacy settings :

In Firefox my about:config page I had set privacy.resistFingerprinting to true.

All fixed. Slightly less privacy but now far more accurate calendar…

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great and thanks for posting this follow-up and the solution. This is also explaining why it works for me.

From what i have seen in the past the forum software allows the topic creator (in this case you) to mark one post as a solution to the issue. Just click on the three dots besides the Reply button of your post above and then i think you should see a new “mark as solved” button.

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@tom42 thanks for the pro tip, topic now resolved!