Camera Uploads not working

Actual behaviour

Camera uploads don't work with the new function. When selecting the the default camera folder as the source folder for the uploads (/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera) it is shown as empty. When taking a picture the automatic upload starts but fails, error message "Upload failed: Device is not connected to a network". However, syncing files works perfectly fine.

Environment data

Android version: 8.0.0

Device model: Oneplus5

ownCloud app version: 2.6.0

ownCloud server version: 10.0.6

so, the upload appears in the uploads view. The current implementation handles with the way the new pics are queued to be uploaded later. The responsible service to upload the photo to the cloud is a different one. We will check anyway, if something is wrong with uploading.


Wow, thanks for the instant reply! It seems to work now. Sorry, but literally spend hours researching and trying to fix it, uninstalling, etc. Nothing helped. Only error messages or no activity at all. Thanks again!