Can i bundle the clients built by owncloud with my application?



Hi there, am I allowed to package the clients with builds of my software? ...

or must i make my own build?

Of course I would link and mention owncloud in my documentation and inside the app as well.

Thank you.


It is open source and you can reuse the code if you respect the GPL 2.0 license:


i know the code is open source .... just making sure that i can use the compiled clients or if i have to compile it myself first.

thanks for the reply....I'm still not totally sure...but i'll just proceed.


I don't see what the compliation process should change, but let's ask @dragotin


I also see no problem but lets involve @hodyroff to make sure.


Compile is no change, indeed. If you change something in the source code you can still distribute, but can't call it ownCloud anymore. Of course you still need to adhere to GPLv2 and also leave our copyright notices intact.
Have fun!