Can i configure OwnCloud as a simple files storage with URL path links without using "get link" function?

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I need the ability to upload and use brilliant ownCloud web interface, but I want to get the file paths and folder path automatically with public access.

Uploading files to specific folders, I need to get public access to this folders

(this link opens the folder in OwnCloud)

(open the file)

is it doable?

Right now I create such links via “Create shareable link” copy and paste it. But it really time consuming if you need to have a lot of such actions.

I want to automatize getting such links and save my team time.

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That could be a security risk. It’s the account’s private space, so it’s the account’s decision which files or folders will be accessible from the outside to anyone.
In addition, the account could remove the shared link.

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ownCloud’s use case is to securely and privately share files between different users.

If you just want to make certain files publicly available, you don’t need ownCloud. I would recommend to just use directory listings in apache httpd webserver:

This is going to save you from all the additional PHP overhead (complexity / configuration / maintenance / …) ownCloud brings with it.

Otherwise, if you insist on using ownCloud, I’d recommend using the API to generate public links through some kind of script:

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Thanks for you answer, I thought about using Apache or similar, but it would require the developing or configuring any folders management web system.

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fodler-code - is generated by my ecommerce platform, it’s almost the same as the code provided by Own Cloud. It may be 10 digits long or I can combine it with addition code and it will be like 20 digits and letters long. I don’t see a lot of security issues here.

I just don’t want to create links manually, I want to put the files to right folder and using folder_code generated automatically has access to it. That’s it.

Do I understand you right

Using API, I can send the folder url that looks like
owncloud/mydomain/public/folder-code (some kind of path that can be generated automatically based on folder structure)

to API and get the link from own cloud for public access?

This is correct. I’d recommend to just try it out a little to get the hang of it.

will it work with OwnCloud cloud instance?

Not sure what you mean?
Like I said, try it out. One thing I always recommend is to create an app password in the personal security settings tab.
Obviously the user creating the shares through the API needs access to the files through ownCloud (you can’t create shares for other users for files you don’t own).

Thanks, Eneu Bauer.

Can you please tell me what’s wrong with it?

Can you try using an app password?

how to set up the app password? I tried with my account password, it also doesn’t work.

Go to the settings panel, personal security section. You’ll find it at the bottom.

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