Can I create thousand of directories, one directory per user?

Hello. I have a CMS with thousand of users and I want to use owncloud to give to each user a directory to upload files, the users can not see the other user directories ¿is this possible? or is only one directory to all users? I have reviewed documentation but due I am newbie with owncloud is being not clear if is this possible or not.

Thanks in advance.

Every user only has access to their own homes, they never have access to other user's homes.

To access other user's files/folders, the other user must explicitly create shares.

Hi @PVince81, thanks for your answer, yes, I found the password of the demo and I have found with users 'demo' and 'test' that they no share the files that I have uploaded for each user (there are a couple of directories that these users shares, but I think that were added by the admin).

Thanks again.