Can I delete duplicate external storage config?

Somehow, I ended up with two identical External Storage configurations for my AWS S3 bucket in my 10.9.0 server installation. It’s been a long time since I’ve made any changes and everything seems to be working fine. Can I and/or should I delete one of the configurations? Is there any risk?


If they’re 100% identical, including the credentials, it should be safe to delete one of the entries in the settings page. In addition, note that all the configuration parameters must be identical (uppercase vs lowercase; leading, trailing or missing “/” in the paths…).
If the credentials are different, it’s better not to touch it. Different credentials might imply that some files are hidden for an account, or the file has different permissions.

Worst case, I think the client will delete the local files, but there won’t be changes in the AWS bucket, so you should be able to reconnect. You’ll need to refetch all the data though.

Anyway, you can setup a secondary ownCloud installation and test your specific use case for verification purposes.

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