Can I get a simple answer to the following - it really would help

On our own Linux server running OwnCloud 9.0 ... when trying to update, as I'm reminded to do, the following message stops me going any further -

Could not parse a response for config:list. Please check if the current shell user can run occ command. Raw output: Not allowed

We're a tiny not-for-profit company with no developers, so there's just me. The board and the volunteers love OwnCloud, but if I can't keep it updated, we'll have to go back to paying for Dropbox, and we all hate it. I'm very very good with clear instructions, but I don't know PHP, and nor do I really know where the command line I keep reading about even is :frowning:

All help gratefully received
Andrew Walker

Hi Andrew,

May i know the php version on your server?


Hello Walter, and thanks for your reply. 5.6 is the most up-to-date we can run at the moment (problems with All in One Event Calendar and OwnCloud if we try to run 7.0 ...)

As @Kawohl said try that..

Thanks for your reply, Kawohl, and the link to the posting. I shall try as you suggest :smiley: