Can i host a website at owncloud?

Hey is it possible to upload php files and execute them using owncloud? I would be interest to host a game server for games like counter strike.


ownCloud is not a webserver so you can't achieve what you're looking for. If you allow that it would be a serve security issue for your own webserver and operating system as well as users of the application itself.

Alright :slight_smile:

A workaround might be to use the "external storage app" with the local mount option to e.g. include your webservers webroot like:


Then you could use ownCloud to upload files to that mount point which are then served by your webserver.

However you really should be careful to not provide this mount point to all users of your oC instances as they could easily compromise your server by uploading malicious files.

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Oh that's cool. OK im not intending to use owncloud as web site hosting solution :smiley: i just want to see the capabilities it may have.

Just a hint:
if you enable the text-editing app, you can also edit the php-files right in OC :wink:

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