Can I save data of students in my own cloud from classroom management software?

Hello everyone,

I am a teacher and I am looking for a way to save the data of my students from classroom management software to my own cloud. I have been using Google Classroom and classroom. cloud, but I am not sure if it is possible to save the data of my students to my own cloud

I have read that it is possible to export and download data from Google Classroom, but I am concerned about the privacy of my students. I want to make sure that I am not violating any privacy laws by saving their data to my own cloud.

Has anyone tried to do this before? Are there any tools or resources that I can use to save the data of my students to my own cloud? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Your inquiry leaves me questioning your understanding of ownCloud. It is a robust, enterprise-grade self-hosted file synchronization and sharing platform. Despute using the phrase “own cloud” on more than one occasion, your question has nothing to do with the ownCloud platform. In spite of that, you are welcome to my thoughts on the topic.

I find it highly unlikely that it would be permissible to save such data to your own private server. You should probably be having this conversation with your employer’s legal, IT, and possibly even HR departments. You might find yourself unemployed and possibly in legal trouble if you are to store such data without the express direction and guidance of the aforementioned departments.


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